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This is a good piece, and to be honest not the most amazing thing I have seen from Skyrim fan-art. If you were going for life like, I d...

The Animals of Farthing Wood by IceDragonhawk

The visuals are amazing! The clouds looks life like, as well ass the grass. The animals are really good too, you can even see the fur p...

The Calm Before the Storm by IceDragonhawk

The blur effect on the grass is good. Gives you the feeling that the dragon is moving ,that or the image itself. The details on the dra...


The wind is whispering.
Sky darkening with grey clouds.
Silently saying sorrow sung sounds.
Soothing you before saying your fears.
Whispering deadly into your ears.

The wind is howling.
Sky shattering with light cracks.
Nature's fingers looking to snack.
As they hunt for you in the darkness.
Drinking the warmth from your larkness.

Something in the wind,
Changes and stutters. As if life itself,
Cut it short of breath. Don't worry yourself,
For the beast is without teeth now.
No longer will it be so fowl.

The wind is blowing.
Sky burning with blue, as if it knew
Just how to turn you a bright hue.
As you feel the warmth, feeling well fed.
A flower so bright, now smiling instead.
The Way The Wind Blows
It's been getting awfully cold lately, so here is something I whipped up while listening to 1812 Overture.

Tagged by :iconmirageenigma:


1. A Virus has spread around the world, making the dead rise from their graves. Use to choose your team. Good Luck
2. Use to randomize 13 of your friends for this meme. Make sure to include yourself as well. 
3. All people used are tagged and should make their own list. 
4. Enjoy!


1. Sidekick: AstralMareets
*Don't know what to say about this, let's do it buddy

2. Sniper: Danny (Childhood Buddy)
*Pfft, you have no idea how fitting this is

3. The one who loses it: Padmelov 
*Haha, sorry XD

4. The Brain: Eddie (Best Friend)
*Not much of a brain

5. The Leader: Danzilla1996
*Be our Game Master 

6. The Medic: CarcinoWolf
*Oh god 

7. The One who yells vulgarities at the Zombies: MirageEnigma 
*Easily the most quiet one here, wtf?

8. Weapons Expert: Frank (My Brother)
*He...we don't know guns

9. The Person who can't have the Molotov: Adr16n1122
*Get that out of your fucking hands 

10. The Car Guy: Me
*LOL, I don't drive -u-

11. The Cheer Leader: Tony (College Guy)
*Tony got us covered Dan

12. Everything bad happens to this one but they survive it all: aaapi
*I can see that 

     13. The Idiot who somehow manages to stay alive: Ronjah-Sarran 
*Well, the first time the black man lives through it all

I didn't have all these people on DA so I just filled them in.
Also I realize most people "Tagged" have already done this, or been tagged, so I this is more or less for the extra bit of what you'd be in my version.


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Aaron Trujillo
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am more of a literature person, but every now again I will make some sort of drawing (And won't post it). I am also a decent poet...imagine that. I am currently working on my S.Y.S.T.E.M. idea right now. I will work on other projects later, but will not work on much otherwise. As for the Profile Picture, I wear a hood too much...enough said.

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