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I don't plan on writing consistently to Deviant Art, as I currently have 4 stories I am working on, not counting the long ass story I have dubbed "SYSTEM" (Sustaining Your Subconscious and Tapping Every Mind) <---long ass abbreviation for the win---
That and I am getting into college at Mt. SAC, which I am excited for because I finally get to learn programming...if I get the classes anyways...if I don't I just wasted so much time.

For anyone interested, I will put a paragraph or so explaining each story I am working on. If you like it, say something and I might be more motivated to work on said writing.

S.Y.S.T.E.M.: In the future, humanity nearly destroys themselves with massive weapons of war. Nearly destroying the planet with us, there were few survivors. The survivors of England were ran by three of the most brilliant scientists at the time of the falling of the bombs. These scientists put everyone into a virtual reality as a test of morality and a way to preserve the human race. They left an AI to run the simulation if they ever were to pass in their time inside the virtual reality, and it has controlled the SYSTEM since then. Ever since then, people who are able to hack into the simulation found out they could practically have super powers if they messed with the simulated physical world. This leads to magic being possible, and science fiction weaponry being a norm around these hackers, making for some interesting activity.

Dungeons of Sin: In the world of Kesia, there lived seven kingdoms that worshiped the Gods for all their worth. They built great monuments and even greater cities that prospered. Time eroded what those kingdoms were, and left a husk of their former selves. The ancient kingdoms have been plundered for their worth over the thousands of years that passed, and Kesians were bound no longer to kingdoms but by Capitals. This began the Second Era of the Kesian kind... Then, demons started to wake from their slumber near the ancient kingdoms, taking over their husk to make portals to Hell itself. They made the major cities of the kingdoms unbreakable fortresses as they pushed back Kesian kind to the brink of destruction. Now, all the Capitals have come together to make the "New Kingdom" of Kesia, combining all their strength to push the demons back with their meager forces. Only the brave heroes that they could muster could possibly fight off the massive amounts of demons, and only the strongest of those heroes will live to tell their tales of woe and despair.

Time Trance: In human kind, there are those who are exceptionally gifted in the art of changing fate. These few people have the power to traverse time through the laws of human perception and chemical reactions, to send memories back in time. These people are called Sleepers. Now, in the near future, these specially gifted people set up an organization to study their ability and use it for the good of man kind. They traverse time by using their ability and a machine to ease stress on their mind, and they stop death from happening when it can be avoided. If there is a random school shooting, then the operative stopping that shooting would save 6 of the 7 people that get killed in their original time line, but they can never save all 7 or else it would mess with the time line in an extreme way. This organization tries to save as many people as they can, while keeping the time line in it's original path, but their is a darkness inside the organization that would rather bring about different results of their organization.

Messenger of Darkness (title may be changed): Before the universe there was darkness, and only darkness. Nobody ruled in the darkness, no kings secretly tried to destroy any light, it was only darkness. Lifeless, dull, and empty darkness. Then energy gathered. Energy started to clump onto other clumps of energy, until those clumps made bigger clumps and even bigger clumps then...boom, light bloomed in the darkness. The darkness basked in the light, never seeing anything as blinding or glorious. The darkness watched the light, like beings would do with a flame, and simply basked at it's glory. With the light of creation though, came the shadows of creation. Every beam of light that was made and that radiated from the explosion of energy created it's own shadow. The universe was bound by this law, creation would eventually destroy itself and turn into darkness once more. And so it would be, and so it shall stay. One organization tries to stop it though, and that organization is the Church of Tenebra. They spread through out the universe that the sins of it will be it's downfall, preaching and preaching until they are heard by all. To those who don't listen and ignore the church, or for those who go against it's preaching to spread evil are killed by the Messenger. The Messenger is assigned very twenty years, and each one is trained to kill evil in the universe and prevent the inevitable, the destruction of all life. As long as one life form lives, they have succeeded. There is an enemy that lies in the shadows waiting for them though, an enemy that will be the end of all life everywhere. 

Anyways, if you like any of the ideas, choose which one you'd like to see sooner than later. I believe I have some sort of writing for each of those, minus the Dungeon one. That will come later though, as I am still working on a short story for it. I would put my other idea on this, but is more of an idea that will become a video game later, rather than a story. So long then, if nobody replies than I guess I will just work on whatever I would rather.
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Aaron Trujillo
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I am more of a literature person, but every now again I will make some sort of drawing (And won't post it). I am also a decent poet...imagine that. I am currently working on my S.Y.S.T.E.M. idea right now. I will work on other projects later, but will not work on much otherwise. As for the Profile Picture, I wear a hood too much...enough said.

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