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    The court was in session, a case that would decide the fate of an Enrique Montoya from the United Spanish Empire who was caught stealing from villages. The case questioned if he was under the command of the Empire he came from. The Archangel Michelle, Commander of the Angelic Forces that work for the Celestial Empire, stood behind Enrique with a hand hovering above her sword; ready to sever his head in one slash. Unlike most other Angels, Michelle had the unique ability of free will and judgement. This made her a formidable opponent in battle, as well as the perfect Commander of the Angelic Forces. Together, Michelle and Enrique stood before the ten representatives of the Celestial Empire that controlled the regions of the Empire in the High Court. The High Court was a massive stone building called the Basilica. It used to serve as the Imperial throne room for the Roman Empire, but as the times changed so did the use of the Basilica. The walls of the Basilica had two rows of eight massive windows, making the building look longer than it actually was. Even without the illusion that the windows gave though, the Basilica was massive without a doubt.
    From the massive stand that sat at the very front of the Basilica's main chamber, the representative that controlled the largest amount of land, Rep. Dunstan, spoke the first question. "Were you or were you not under order by the United Spanish Empire when stealing from the dozens of villages at our borders?" Enrique did not respond as he looked to the ground contemplating something. "You do realize the importance of this question, do you not?" asked another representative, Rep. Vitral. Enrique still did not respond, Vitral continued. "This question determines or not if you will be convicted at the full force of our Law, depending on if your answer is truthful or not in the end. If you tell the truth now, you may try to justify it to us, and if we fail to see the justification then you will be sent to prison rather than beheaded where you stand."
    Enrique continued to stand there, probably dumbfounded by his situation. A third representative spoke, Rep. Constan. "Of course, not answering the question will also be the same as not being truthful, and you will be beheaded after all this is over; regardless of your connection to the United Spanish Empire. Reason for that is, you are not only being tried for thievery, but also murder and the disruption of farm life." Enrique lifted his head to look at them one by one. The air seemed thick as everyone awaited his answer. "I did everything as you say I did, but I was not under the command of the United Spanish Empire." He spoke with a sick voice. "Then why did you do it?" Dunstan asked, resting his cheek on a propped up fist. "I did it, to save my son. He has been sick these past months, and I was looking for anything to support him. If I were to steal from my own Empire and was caught, I would not be able to return to my son safely. I thought because my home town was near the border, I could steal and take as much as I wanted from your country and return to my son without having to worry about being convicted in my own country." Enrique said with a wavering voice near the beginning, but suddenly becoming more refined after the first few seconds.
    A long pause took over the courtroom, leaving another thick feeling to the air. Michelle set her hand on her blade, one of the representatives noticed and looked at her. It was Rep. Roy, the youngest representative to take office. Supposedly he was a hero of the rebellion and was offered his own territory after the victory, and after much debate with his wife, he finally caved in and took the post. "I have some reports that said you used a sabre, the type a military officer would use in the United Spanish Empire." Roy said to break the silence, with a slight nod to Michelle. "Do you deny these reports?" Roy added before fixing his posture. A bead of sweat dripped down the side of Enrique's head. Michelle gave a sadistic smirk, noticing Roy had the same expression. "I do not deny these reports, as I was once a soldier of the Empire." Enrique claimed. Michelle unsheathed her blade slightly, the diamond like hilt made of Star Iron which glimmered at the sunlight that came through the windows. Enrique heard the sound of Michelle's sword and cowered slightly. Roy nodded slightly, looking down at his papers before looking back at Enrique. "If I understand correctly, soldiers of the United Spanish Empires are only allowed to leave service if they have served fifteen years of their life or were critically injured. You look quite young Mr. Montoya, in fact if I am reading this right you are twenty-two. That would mean you would be about ten years into your service, which is not nearly enough to be discharged of your duties. Do you deny any of these statements?"
    Enrique was sweating to a noticeable degree now and turning slightly pale. "I deny the fifteen year statement, as it was changed to ten a month ago." Enrique said with a shaky voice. "Oh really? My report from the United Spanish Empire from last week says otherwise; how odd." Roy said to him slyly before Michelle took out her blade completely. Enrique flinched a little and took a glance behind him to see a menacing Michelle. Roy snapped his fingers to get Enrique's attention again. "I would like to see your injury that discharged you from the military." Roy demanded. Enrique started to shiver, but lifted his shirt up to show a faded scar across his belly. Michelle observed the scar with great prejudice, trying to find all it's secrets. "Enough, it is time for the decision." Dunstan announced with his rough voice. "Those who see him as guilty, say 'aye'."  Five affirmatives came from Roy, Dunstan, Vitral, Constan, and one at the far corner. Enrique took a sigh of relief. A grunt came from Dunstan. "It seems we have a rare tie, very well then. Michelle, the decision falls to you." Dunstan said with a slight bow of his head. Enriques eyes almost went white with fear as he turned around to Michelle for her judgement, looking at her from head to toe.
    Her outfit's upper body looked similar to a robe, except it only went halfway down her body, covering her torso almostly completely. The back was fastened with trims that gave the impression that the wings were part of the clothing itself, only on closer inspection would bystanders notice the point where they are touching. Because of the wings not being under the outfit, a bright light came from them that made it near impossible to see her from behind. From in front it made her look even more like a holy being. Her outfit's leggings were fairly standard, with slightly loose trousers that still hugged her body at the curves. The outfit overall was not entirely impressive, in fact it looked mildly casual with it's soft color palette of pale blues and whites.
    Enrique dropped to his knees and clasped his hands in prayer. "Please, Angel of the New Heaven, let me live!" Enrique pleaded. Michelle brought her sword's edge to the right side of his neck. The edge lit the air around it like fire, although not appearing to the human eye. "I name you, Enrique Montoya, as a liar and soldier of the United Spanish Empire." Michelle said with a strong voice, tears began to stream down Enrique's cheeks. "Please, no!!" Enrique yelled out in desperation before Michelle brought her blade to a striking position. "May the God you pray to accept your soul into the afterlife you call Heaven, despite your sins." Michelle said with an edge of wrath to her voice, as if the very thought of this man getting redemption bothered her. Enrique yelled out inaudible words through his tears before his head was sliced clean off.
    "Excellent cut as always." Roy said from the stands while Enrique's head rolled on the floor; the body never completely falling over due to the kneeling position he was in before dying. Oddly enough, no blood was coming out of the fatal wound. The heat that surrounded Michelle's blade solidified the blood before it ever had the chance to leak, even to the point of evaporating any of it before touching the blade. Because of this, the blade maintained it's perfect shine before being put away. "It's always an honor for you to compliment my craftsmanship, Master Roy." Michelle responded while going to pick up the head. Roy laughed a little as Dunstan stood up.
"Thank you for your assistance as always Commander Michelle, you may go back to your life style, we will not be having anything that requires you to stay." Dunstan told Michelle while preparing to leave. "Thank you Representative Dunstan, I will be taking my leave." Michelle says as Dunstan leaves the stands and walks towards one of the side exits. "If you'd please allow me one question before you leave though Dunstan. I would like to know if this will affect our relationships with the neighboring Empire." Michelle says as Dunstan was nearing the door. "Do not worry yourself Commander, you will not have to fight any time soon, hopefully this matter will be settled peacefully." Dunstan said before leaving.
    After that, all the Representatives began to leave their place at the stands. Michelle dropped the head near the body, making sure it didn't roll before leaving. Before Michelle was able to leave through the front entrance, Roy caught up to her. "I'm still quite impressed at your means of brutality, really does seem unbefitting of a beautiful lady." Roy said in a suave manner. Michelle huffed, "It is befitting of an Angel though, and that is all that matters." she responded unkindly. "Harsh, at least let me get to the fantastic question." Roy said sheepishly. "Another proposal to eat together? I'm not hungry." Michelle told him roughly. "Oh, alright, you go fly off and do your own thing then, just come by when you actually want to talk about the future alright?" Roy said before Michelle flew away in the afternoon sun.
Gimmiren: Celestian Trial
An example of a Celestian trial done by the High Court of Representatives as they convict a criminal that might have connections with their rival, the United Spanish Empire.

I welcome any criticism with these writings, so don't be afraid to answer the questions I'll leave.

:bulletblue: Does the situation make sense? If not, please state what you don't understand.
:bulletred: Do I have a good amount of detail? What are some details that you'd rather see in or out?
:bulletgreen: What do you think of the characters personalities in this writing?
These are terrifying times in Terra, it seems that the land has been bathed in blood and fire as people who were once normal men go to war with contraptions that have never been seen before throughout human history. Angels and Demons, names taken from old mythology long past, from a religion that is only practiced in the islands across waters. Many believe this to be the end of mankind, as we continue to kill each other in more creative ways, a new era is what it really is. Everyone was affected by the coming of the era, as it was a message from the stars themselves. Most people call it "The Starfall" and it changed literally everything. From nature to human abilities, the world changed over the course of a year at a rapid pace.
This period of time was known as "The Rebirth" and gave way to odd deformities that recreated every human or just outright killed them. Those who weren't strong enough to take the brunt of the new illnesses that came from the Starfall were left to rot outside the safety of walled off cities. Those who were healthy enough to stay alive from the illnesses were changed into something more than humans while keeping the look of one. Everyone who changed while keeping human features were dubbed the "Reborn", and it was these Reborn who decided to rebuild the mighty empires that once existed before the Starfall. Those who did not quite survive outside, in the safety of the cities, were not so lucky. They survived only in spirit, as the bodies of many were distorted in ways that made them monsters of myth and legend. Minotaurs and Wyverns now roamed with Fairies and Goblins, and as the newly found humankind of Reborn saw these creatures; they killed them on sight. These creatures of once human descent are referred to as "Unborn".
The empires of old were rebuilt in a new image, Roman Empire now becoming loyal to the studies of the Starfall events and all the material it brought with it. They study the change of the planet and how to achieve new heights with the changes that were made. They made mechanical men and women that would be known as Angels, while the more brutish country to the west made Demons to counter them in battle, another mechanical being made of special material that came from the Starfall. A war raged between the newly founded Roman Empire and the United Spanish Empire, both Angels and Demons destroying each other on the field of battle. Eventually, the new religious order that has replaced the Catholic Vatican Church gained enough power to form a truce between the two forces. The Church of Sanctum, which believed that the sovereignty of the world can only be solved and preserved in the presence of a New God; as they believed the Starfall event was a sign of the destruction of the Old God. The two empires agreed to have the Church of Sanctum, former Papal States, become the new safe zone and manager of Angels and Demons. The Church of Sanctum became a distributor of war after that, supplying just enough Angels and Demons to major empires to protect themselves from each other. As Church of Sanctum did this, every country was allowed to keep a close eye on them to dispose of any threatening situations that could occur.
Shortly after, a rebellion started in the Roman Empire that sent a shockwave through out the western world. It seemed the people have grown tired of an Emperor. The rebellion was supported by the Church and USE, and ended in an ultimate success. With the success of the rebellion came a Golden Age as a new government was established that would have representatives instead of a sole man in charge. Every representative was given control of a region inside the new empire, the Celestial Empire, and each had a cabinet to recommend and give advice on how to control the areas. Each representative was also forced to abide to citizens wishes if they became popular, this helped the system to progress and evolve into a much more free empire than before. As such, the Celestial Empire became a massive influence to the rest of the western world, and caused a reformation in the United Spanish Empire that included many of the same features as the Celestial Empire's government system, except on a smaller scale.
Meanwhile, across waters in the north-west roused another ancient civilization with a new face. The Order of the Cross, which followed the old religion of Christianity and all of it's teachings. Stuck in their ways, they built a united empire that protected the old ways of thinking with monarchy still intact. The Kings of Ireland, England, and Scotland, all have made a pact to work together and keep the old feudal ways alive in their lands. Only if an outside empire threatens their carefully protected society will they all unite under one banner and attack together as the Order of the Cross. Until such a war, they are all separate forces that fight for land amongst themselves.
Sickened by their teachings and rulings, the Celestial Empire made a hidden threat to the Order of the Cross and over the course of eight years, prepared for war with the Order. The Order, also entering into a preparation, called upon an ally that would change the outlook of what is possible. As the Celestial Empire and the Order finally declared war, the Celestial Empire sent Angels to fly over the water and invade by storm; this was the first mistake made. The Order of the Cross enlisted a rare type of Unborn into their armies as high ranking military personnel, these Unborn being the Wyverns. The Wyverns were stronger than Angels in nearly every way, surpassing them in speed, durability, and strength. The only thing the Angels had that was better was adaptability, which only helped them survive the crossing of the water. It was a massacre, even with the added unpredictable nature of the Angels, and the Celestial Empire was forced to rely on a ground invasion to land on shores; this too was thwarted by the Wyverns. The Order of the Cross ordered a counterattack after the failed invasion, sending their own invasion to leak onto the Celestial Empire. Once landed, the Order captured an entire region before the neighboring Normandy came to their aid. With the combined Angels and Demons of both the Celestial Empire and Normandy, they pushed the Order away from the Celestial Empire and off the coast. Without a doubt the Order won the war, losing less than two thousand troops against the ten thousand Celestian troops. A peace treaty was signed, and the Church of Sanctum started to supply the Order with troops as a sign of forgiveness and peace. The Order refused the use of Angels and Demons, and requested only Templars (the strongest of Reborn soldiers) to be sent.
After which, another state of peace was instilled between the three great empires of the west, and this is where the story shall begin. The story of how the western world will handle the upcoming changes of technology that will spark new wars. This is now the middle of the Starfall Era, the rest has yet to come.
Gimmiren: The Starfall Era
This is the summary and set up to my new story I said I will be working on. Hope everyone likes the general set up, I will build up on it later, after I get all the countries in order. At the moment, this is purely a base concept of the three major empires and what happened from the Starfall that changed the empires or created them. Another part of this will be released describing Normandy, the Kingdom of Sicily, Hungary, Poland, Navrae, and a few more. I will also have a good description of what Angels and Demons really are and the strange material the Starfall brought and the materials it changed. Anyways, I know I doubt write that much, and I just want to thank you for reading this.
Hey, first off, Merry Christmas, but to all my watchers keep reading. I am doing a quick experiment and I want anyone who reads this, which I assume will be watchers, to listen to me. First off, leave a comment, and in that comment tell me if you read my works. Secondly, and this only applying to those who don't read my works, unwatch me. The reason being, I don't want a false sense of people reading my works, I want a genuine number of watchers. Anyone who doesn't comment and/or unwatch me by the end of January, I will contact to ask to unwatch. That is all, just a quick experiment to find out how many actual readers I have watching me. If you are friend in real life, like some of you are, I hope you'll not hesitate. I don't really put much stuff here so you won't be missing much. I just want to know who is genuinely interested in my works.
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First off, I'm finished with my first semester of College, I guess by technical standards I "passed", not all that happy about it, but whatever. Second off, I am starting a new story thingy with one of my friends, I know I start too many stories and never finish them but I really like this one, it came to me in a dream. To me, as a writer, I think that is a sign to make it a real thing, so I am going to work on this alot before shelving it, and maybe even have this be the first real story I make. Guess we'll see in time if that becomes true, but I am going to work on factions and stuff for it and plan on having an over arching story soon. If it get's off the ground, you'll see an introductory short story like I do with everything else before I start a first chapter. I'm sure I don't have many people that care about my work here anymore though, as my work ethic for Deviant Art is near non-existent these days, but what the Hell, I suppose I could at least try to get this profile off the ground. Right after getting a Job, license, and other very important stuff. XD

The story is basically about a Medieval times that was drastically changed by an event which brought about steam-punk type of advancements and fantastical changes to the earth. These fantastical changes are, but aren't limited to: monsters, magic, angels, demons, dragons, and fairies. The friend helping me with this, and whom I will lean on for any semblance of concept art for these characters, is none other than :iconmirageenigma:. She is one of the more talented artists I personally know, among others, and I am grateful for all her help over the past couple years.
Moving on though, with the collaboration of my friend, I will attempt to bring this story to the light of DA in...the near future (not going to promise anything, and near future could mean anything from a year to a week so...yeah, let's go with that). I will make a promise though that this story will be told in pieces throughout the next year, and will probably not be finished by this time next year. In the mean time I will deal with school and work, so this will definitely be a nice leisure to my usual stuff. Anyways, thanks for reading this and I hope that this story actually get's off the ground. If you care as much as me, look for the name Gimmiren in my gallery later, because that is the name it is currently going by.
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The gates to the dungeon deep inside the Vatican City opened with a rusty creak. The two Templars dragged their prisoner down deep into the confines of their most secret of areas. Their prisoner cackled like a madman as he said good bye to the light for what was supposed to be the last time. He rattled his chained up hands and legs as he pretended to be afraid. The Templars seemed mildly disturbed but tried everything to not show it. They dragged the prisoner down the hundreds of steps until they finally reached a straight hallway. “Oh come now brethren, at least pretend to play your part.” Reaper told them with a madman’s smile. “Would you kindly shut your mouth sir…” The right Templar said as he gripped Reaper’s left arm. “Who says kindly to a mad prisoner you milk drinker, if I was running this damned place you’d be executed on the spot!” Reaper exclaimed into the man’s ear. The Templar recoiled a bit in disgust before ignoring Reaper completely.

 “By the way, what are my charges? Am I a heretic, demon, witch, warlock; for there is a difference between those two, or am I just being unjustly tried?” Reaper asked his captors with a wild grin. Nobody answered him for a few minutes as they continued down the hall. “Well! Don’t make me start screaming again, I swear on YOUR God I will!” He exclaimed loudly, an echo sounded through the corridor. Reaper made a satisfied grin before staring down the man grabbing his right arm. “Hmmmmm!? Well, do I get a response!?” Reaper yelled at the man. “We are ordered to ignore you.” The Templar said simply. “Then why did the milk drinker talk? Perhaps because he is a milk drinker…” Reaper asked before thinking aloud to himself. “He is new to the Templar order, but I will make sure to tell the Bishop that he disobeyed orders.” The Templar answered. The young Templar cringed at the notion of being ratted out. Reaper leaned toward the youth after they made a turn down another corridor. “I’ll tell you what young man, how about I kill him before he tells Daddy on you? Would you like that?” Reaper whispered to the young Templar. The youth turned pale with fear, Reaper laughed loudly.

Before Reaper knew it, the two Templars carrying him opened a door and threw him through the doorway. Before Reaper hit the ground, two bulkier and stronger built Templars grabbed him and slammed him against a wall. Reaper grunted on the impact and got slightly dizzy; before he knew it he was strapped on to the wall with no way to move his hands or feet. “Well well, this is very uncomfortable.” Reaper said simply before someone carried a torch to his face. The torchlight took some getting used to, but when he was finally able to see; he saw a Bishop looking down on him. “Hello Death.” He said simply to Reaper, spitting out the last word like it was poison. “Hello, your holiness, or is the Pope only called that?” Reaper said with a smile, one of the Templars that pinned him to the wall punched him in the gut as punishment for talking. Reaper lost some breathe before looking back toward the Bishop. “You have plagued this land for far too long,” The Bishop started while unraveling a knife from a cloth. It was a knife that had a pale blade and a bone white hilt. In fact, Reaper noticed that it resembled human bone, and oddly enough had a golden border around the hilt and a sign of the cross. The Bishop continued, “It is about time that your reign and terror throughout this land came to an abrupt end.” The Bishop grasped the hilt with intent to kill. “So I declare in the name of the Pope and the God he serves that you, Grim Reaper of Death, be vanquished!”

The Bishop drove the blade into Reaper’s gut, blood seeping from the wound as he coughed. “Ouch” Reaper responded in normality. The Bishop looked stunned at his victim whom looked seemingly unphased. “Damn you holy kind and your furor. That hurt quite a bit you know? Of course, that sign of the cross didn’t do much, but slap that thing on a blade and you get something holy huh?” Reaper told him as the knife got pushed out of his gut while the wound regenerated at a frightening rate. The Bishop backed away, recovering from the shock he had. “How could you possibly survive that? What are you!?” The Bishop cried out.

“I am Death, you said it yourself.” Reaper answered as he rolled his neck to get slightly more comfortable. “That name answers all your questions.” He added before hearing an audible crack from his neck. Reaper gave a sigh of relief before looking back at the Bishop. He still looked surprised, if not a little stunned, by the fact that Reaper is still alive. “Don’t make that face, it makes you look pathetic. You got any other ways to try and kill me or are you done? If you are done, you should start making more plans, because I guarantee that all the ones you have thought of won’t work on me.” Reaper told him with a sigh of disappointment. One of the Templars punched him hard in the face, probably hoping that’d work. Reaper’s head hit the wall hard with a massive cracking sound, as if his neck snapped. Reaper's head slumped down and a little bit of blood tricked down his neck from an open wound. The Templars smiled as if victorious before Reaper rolled his neck again to try and crack it, the wound there already healed. “That hurt more than the knife, believe it or not.” Reaper said before a symphony of cracks sounded from his neck; relocating it in it's proper place. He made an audible sound of enjoyment at all the cracking before looking at the Bishop. “So, what now?” He asked, genuinely curious. The Bishop gathered the two Templars, whispering for one to go report to the Pope and the other to ask for other torture methods that might be available. After they left he looked at Reaper.

“You won’t be set free; we will just have to try something else.” The Bishop told him. Reaper smiled, “Oh good, I was hoping this would last longer than it did.” The Bishop walked over to Reaper grabbed his chin to look him dead in the eye. “We will see if you can last the punishments we will give you, as we won’t stop until you either break or die.” The Bishop told him, Reaper smiled in response. “We will see who dies in my time here, and we will see who breaks first. Will it be your weak willed men and the torturers, or will it actually be me?” The Bishop scowled at Reaper before letting him go and preparing to walk away. “One more thing Bishop, before you go, and this come from me as the Angel of Death and not as a madman.” Reaper told the Bishop before he opened the door. The Bishop turned to look at him from the corner of his eyes. “Here is something to ponder; I am not as evil as you think I am, quite the opposite actually. You see Death as evil, when it is the best thing to happen in nature.” Reaper told him with a strong voice. The Bishop didn’t respond before opening the door and walking out. “Think of me as God’s Hand!” Reaper added before the door closed behind the Bishop. And so started the first day of the yearlong torturing that Reaper would endure with a smile on his face and a cackle before grace.

First Day of Grace
This is Reaper, I've been trying to figure out how to introduce him properly for a while, then I remembered that he is actually imprisoned by the Templar order for a while, so I thought "Why not start there?!" I think it came out well, shows his more chaotic side. This is one of the main characters in my S.Y.S.T.E.M. story. Oh, and this is in the Dark Ages by the way, right at the start of the Black Death.
Hey, first off, Merry Christmas, but to all my watchers keep reading. I am doing a quick experiment and I want anyone who reads this, which I assume will be watchers, to listen to me. First off, leave a comment, and in that comment tell me if you read my works. Secondly, and this only applying to those who don't read my works, unwatch me. The reason being, I don't want a false sense of people reading my works, I want a genuine number of watchers. Anyone who doesn't comment and/or unwatch me by the end of January, I will contact to ask to unwatch. That is all, just a quick experiment to find out how many actual readers I have watching me. If you are friend in real life, like some of you are, I hope you'll not hesitate. I don't really put much stuff here so you won't be missing much. I just want to know who is genuinely interested in my works.
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Your Deviant ID looks just like you.
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Thanks for joining EpicMuse!
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Hey do you think I could vent to you about how much I hate my mom right now?
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Hey I have some bad news my PC which was what had my little sprite makeing stuffs on it has had a little brake down so yeah laptop can't handle it so yeah sorry I can't make them le sigh....
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