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FUS RO DAH! by JoanRedondo

This is a good piece, and to be honest not the most amazing thing I have seen from Skyrim fan-art. If you were going for life like, I d...

The Animals of Farthing Wood by IceDragonhawk

The visuals are amazing! The clouds looks life like, as well ass the grass. The animals are really good too, you can even see the fur p...

The Calm Before the Storm by IceDragonhawk

The blur effect on the grass is good. Gives you the feeling that the dragon is moving ,that or the image itself. The details on the dra...


The wind is whispering.
Sky darkening with grey clouds.
Silently saying sorrow sung sounds.
Soothing you before saying your fears.
Whispering deadly into your ears.

The wind is howling.
Sky shattering with light cracks.
Nature's fingers looking to snack.
As they hunt for you in the darkness.
Drinking the warmth from your larkness.

Something in the wind,
Changes and stutters. As if life itself,
Cut it short of breath. Don't worry yourself,
For the beast is without teeth now.
No longer will it be so fowl.

The wind is blowing.
Sky burning with blue, as if it knew
Just how to turn you a bright hue.
As you feel the warmth, feeling well fed.
A flower so bright, now smiling instead.
The Way The Wind Blows
It's been getting awfully cold lately, so here is something I whipped up while listening to 1812 Overture.
Good god, I've been here for 3 years? When the Hell? Here I thought I was still kinda new here. >_>
    Samaya gasped violently and put her head in her hands. Dying was as disorienting as ever it would appear. Delta ran in, her closest friend in these past few nightmarish years. "You died?! What happened? Are we about to get attacked!?" Delta screamed out as Samaya continued trying to adjust to jumping back in time. "Yes, something bad, and ask your idiotic boyfriend." Samaya said while shaking her head, maybe motion would help. "Zexal? He's not here though." Delta said bewildered. Samaya raised her head and glared at her friend, a look that said "He's coming, and with company." Delta blinked, and whispered "Oh...oh shit..." Delta rushed out the room to get the weapons, and when she got back threw Samaya's baton and experimental disk weapon to her. The disk was, in theory, supposed to bounce off of any surface but still hits with blunt force while bouncing off. Samaya never had time to get it to Simon, their gadget maker, but she knew something was definitely off in her base design. Delta gave a look that asked "How much time." Samaya said out loud "About a minute, maybe less now. He's bringing five sentinels and two hounds." Samaya said while holstering the disk and getting ready to fight with the baton. Samaya stretched and groaned, "You need a new boyfriend, this asshole has too much fun screwing us over." Samaya told Delta. "He's real fun when you get to know him." Delta said shyly. Samaya raised an eyebrow and asked, "What's your definition of fun?"

    Bullets started hitting the front door as Zexal turned out of the way and jumped through a barred window, legs first to kick down the bars. "You would not believe-" Zexal started before Samaya grabbed his arm roughly and threw him to the other room, watching him tumble through the busted door way. Samaya took two steps to get to him and pinned him to the wall. Zexal tried to speak his innocence but Samaya clasped his mouth so hard she was sure it left a mark. "Shut your stupid mouth and listen Zexal! I died two miles away from here because your stupidity, shot by a god damned sniper! So you are going to tell me right now what the hell you did to get this much heat, or I swear to you that next time you wake up you'll have busted kneecaps!" Samaya yelled at him with a fury that Zexal wasn't quite used to yet. Samaya let her hand away from his mouth while looking at Zexal's frightened eyes. "I may have stolen very important data saying why we are being hunted and who is hunting us." Zexal said quietly as the footsteps moved toward them, Delta looked at her worryingly while posted against the opposite side of the doorway. Delta wasn't an Oracle, so if she dies, she won't go back in time.

    Samaya had been friends long before Delta knew what she was, an Oracle. Oracles were people who can peer into the future slightly, via the power of their Time Crystals. If an Oracle died, they'd just go back to the last point they touched their Time Crystal, simple as that, almost like saving in a video game. Despite that, dying still hurt like a bitch, as it still was dying after all. Samaya turned her eyes back to Zexal. "You better keep her safe, or I will kill you myself." Samaya told Zexal. Zexal sneered, as if insulted by the fact he'd do any less for Delta. Even after knowing Zexal for a few months, Samaya didn't trust him. It was only a few months ago that Delta found out about Samaya's ability, and shared Zexal as someone with the exact same power. Samaya had no idea what she was called, an Oracle, until Zexal explained to her all the terminology.

    Bullets flew threw the windows, Samaya and Zexal nodding to each other as they readied themselves for the inevitable fight. Samaya spoke one more thing as she rushed toward cover in the room the sentinels and hounds would enter first. "We can't leave them alive to call for reinforcements." Samaya said, narrowly dodging bullets, or so it looked. Samaya saw the echoes as clear as day, even when Zexal sometimes had trouble tracking the dust-like trails. Zexal took Delta to a back room, knowing that Samaya had a good chance on beating anyone that would come in. The armed soldiers that were controlling the sentinels sent them in. They called those soldiers the "Hounds" because they would keep track of their target far after they lost sight of them, always seeing everything the sentinels see because of the AI inside their skulls.

    All five sentinels went in at once, knowing Samaya was behind the refrigerator they had in the room. Samaya dashed toward the Sentinels and smacked one, and then two, sentinels out of their hover. She saw the echoes of bullets coming from the remaining sentinels, and the hounds outside. She gasped and forced herself to remain focused. Samaya dropped her baton and grabbed one of the sentinels out of the air roughly. She angled toward the hounds and used the sentinel she grabbed to block the bullets coming from the hounds, all while dodging the two bullets from the other sentinels. After she blocked the shots, Samaya threw the sentinel hard towards the two remaining sentinels, knocking them down but not disabling them. Before the hounds can shoot their next shots, seeing that they were going to hit her directly in the head, Samaya rolled and got her baton; dodging the bullets. After, Samaya bashed all three sentinels before they could get off the ground and took cover from the next couple shots from the hounds. It's been nearly ten seconds since this battle has started.

    Samaya took a deep breath to focus herself again before looking at her right hand where a metal gauntlet protected her and the Time Crystal inside. The circular structure Simon designed to keep their Time Crystals safe and usable by just pressing down on the plate hard to make a footprint and mark a place to return back to if killed. This was where Samaya pressed it last time, before the sniper killed her.

    Two shots fired through the window, repsyching her focus on to the problem at hand. Samaya saw the echoes and jumped out the window, just out of the path of the dusty trails. Rolling on impact, she dashed towards the two hounds, hoping these weren't good at close quarters combat. The hounds seemingly panicked as they narrowly missed their shots. Good, panicked was good. At least, for Samaya it was. She smiled as the hounds tried to smack her with the but of the pistols they were shooting. They yelled at her "Surrender or-!" before the baton smacked both of them across the head quick and hard. She hated killing people, it was the reason she used a baton, but if these assholes called for reinforcements they were as good as dead. Samaya hit the two hounds in their head, one more time each, but this time with amazing force. She heard the skulls crack this time and almost lead out a tear for the foolish lives she was ending.

    Samaya hurried to check if Zexal and Delta were alright, and found four more sentinels downed in the bedroom. "They have more hounds out there, those will probably call for reinforcements if we don't get their trackers." Zexal told Samaya. Samaya looked for Delta in the room, and was about to ask when she saw her cowering in the corner. Samaya gave a sigh of relief, and without meaning to said "Thank God." Samaya looked at Zexal, "We can't go that way, that's where we find more than two more hounds, but also a good five more sentinels. Oh and your friendly neighborhood sniper that kills me without batting an eyelash. We better just move south into the next safe house and then contact Simon, Vixen, and Tosh to warn that this place is shredded." Zexal shook his head and said, "We run into something south too, I died there with Delta last time." Samaya blinked, kind of surprised, and looked at the hollow look in his eyes he had ever since seeing Delta here. Alive.

    Samaya rubbed the nape of her neck. "What about the western warehouse we use? Is that direction good?" Samaya suggested, Zexal grimaced. "Delta wouldn't make the Gap to the badlands, it takes an Oracle to get there, or someone who is really lucky." Zexal told her, Samaya cursed under her breath. "There has to be something! We can't just wait here for the next wave, we'll lose like always!" Samaya yelled, frustrated at the lack of options. Samaya looked at Delta worryingly, noticing that she was staring at the two freaks arguing for a plan of action. Delta knew just as well as them, she was dead weight in these situations. "You can leave me..." Delta whispered.

    Samaya looked at her furiously, "We won't even think about that! You are making it out of this just like us!" Samaya yelled at her, even though she had honestly considered it. Perhaps it was because her own sick thoughts were said out loud, even if it was a whisper. Zexal looked at Samaya honestly though, "Maybe it's not a bad idea though." Zexal told her. Samaya looked at him with such broiling rage, Zexal thought she was going to smack him with the baton. "Listen to me before you go crazy, we are the ones those hounds want, if she wears her cloak and walks away into the slums, we can regroup later. Delta knows her way around the slums, and can survive and tough it out there in the mean time." Samaya groaned at the thought but Delta stood up before Samaya could shout her opinion. "That can work, since the sentinels didn't scan me this time." Delta said quietly, but loud enough for the others to hear.

    Their eyes rested on Samaya, waiting for her thoughts now, but Samaya just looked at her two companions each for a couple seconds. Finally she cracked and said "Gah, alright, but if Delta is hurt in any form, I'm doing ten times worse to you Zexal." Zexal smiled and said "Good, we'll leave together towards the eastern hide out through the shittiest part of town. Simon said he'd stop by there anyways because he forgot some stuff." Zexal said to her as he got ready to leave.

    After that, everyone got ready again, Delta walking out first with her worn cloak covering her face and body. Samaya stretched again to prepare for the inevitable run that was about to happen, Zexal got all his guns holstered and made sure he had his knife easily accessible. Zexal then checked his Time Crystal's case that was on the left part of his back, Samaya did the same for her's. Moments later, a rocket hit the bedroom wall, luckily they were gone from there now. Zexal cursed, and patted down his Time Crystal to make a footprint, which allowed him to come back to around this time if he died. Samaya did the same, and told Zexal "Let's go." They hurried as the entire building start to collapse.
Oracle's Prophecy (Chapter 1)
Now introducing the next part of this Oracle idea, and explaining some of the logic behind it. Enjoy.
    Running was all that mattered right now, because apparently just having the word "safe" in "safe house" does not make it so. Samaya ducked under one of the pipelines that ran across the rooftops of the slums, trying not to slow down too much as sentinels chased her down. God damn Zexal lead the sentinels right to them, needless to say his girl friend Delta was furious. A bullet shot Samaya's way as she jumped off the building and swung off a small pipe to land in a window. The sentinel stuttered as it started to descend after her. She rolled on impact, paying no mind to the cursing drunkard that shouted at her, screaming that she best watch herself later; or something like that. Samaya quickly found another window to jump out of and rolled to break her fall again, this time she landed on a low roof top. The sentinel was programmed to trail her, so it'd spend time going in and out of that drunkard's apartment, buying her enough time to-

    "Shit," Samaya whispered to herself as three more sentinels rose up from below the rooftop she was on. "Why the Hell did they send more?" Samaya thought out loud as she took out her neon baton, blunt force usually worked on these metal tin cans. The sentinels scanned her, like she knew they would, and then their gun came out of the bottom hatch. Samaya took a deep breath and saw the Echoes of the future calling out to her. She smiled, one bullet aimed for her head, the other for her right arm, and the third aimed at her heart. Samaya ducked under the dust-like trails, the Echoes, and dashed at the sentinels. The three shots were fired, the path slightly changing but she still saw the Echoes, she still knew their every move. The Echoes for the sentinels showed that they'd try and strafe to her right, where it was harder for her to swing efficiently. Excellent programming as always, but not enough to beat an Oracle. Samaya struck two of the sentinels before they even started strafing, and the third rotated to get the gun pointed at her. She saw the dust trail signifying a shot soon to be fired, and leaped out of the way while at the same time jumping toward the sentinel. The shot fired, but it was too late for the sentinel, the baton bashed it in mere milliseconds after the shot was fired. The bullet missed just barely, and Samaya was almost certain she heard it bank off a pipe.Samaya shrugged and kept going when-

    A sniper shot her in the head. God damn it Zexal, this is why we can't have nice things.
Oracle's View (Prologue)
A new concept I thought of, tell me what you guys think. I'll have a follow up done as soon as possible, because that is a sort of cliff-hanger ending right there. XD
    Born to a human whore, a young half-dwarf was abandoned by his mother and given to his dwarven father to look after. His human name was Dev Browne but was quickly changed to Svaty Kamen by his father; Neznik Kamen. Svaty has no memory of his mother, nor does he know her name or what she looks like. His father never kept anything as a reminder, in fact he only seemed to remember that she was a filthy human. After being given Svaty his father tried to travel around with him, despite Svaty only being a year old. Neznik decided he'd raise Svaty as if he was a dwarf, which meant to teach him how to fight like one and craft like one. But the main reason Neznik trained Svaty how to be strong is so that he wouldn't have to take care of him. As a mountain dwarf Neznik knew plenty of combat, and was happy to raise a son of his own despite him only being a half breed. In time, Neznik learned to love his son very much but Svaty did not seem to like their lifestyle, and his father seemed to notice it after some time. After being taught so much, and having a hatred of humans driven into him, as well as giants, Svaty started to become more and more stubborn; just like his father. After all their adventures together they decided to part ways when Svaty was still young, as Neznik felt that although Svaty was young, he was old enough to make his own decisions.

    After receiving Svaty at the age of 1 in the Underkeep, Neznik started planning his way down south as he wanted to search for anything of interest down in the Gap. Neznik realized though that the route he was taking was probably unsafe for the child, so he reconsidered and decided to stay in the Underkeep for a year or so, as that didn't require going anywhere. It was there that Neznik met an elf that helped him figure out the parenting thing out. Svaty doesn't remember, but the elf did care for him most the time while Neznik was out working with the crafting dwarves. After the first couple raids that these dwarves did against the populace of orcs and goblins, Neznik got disgusted and tired of it all and left with Svaty.

    At the age of 2, Neznik was taken to the forest of Ithilyn to repay the Elf that took care of Svaty during the time he was working in the Underkeep. They didn't stay too long, just long enough for Neznik to repay the Elf beyond words of gratitude. They went to the Elven stronghold, Lorelai, where Neznik helped with petty things for about half a year. After he repaid his debt to the Elf, Neznik asked for directions on a way down to Barvost area. The Elf warned him before giving "We don't go to Barvost, for good reason. You'll only find death there." Neznik reassured her though that he'd return safe and sound, even if it took decades for him to come back. With that, Neznik walked with Svaty south, leaving the confines of Ithilyn forest as well.
    A couple months later, Neznik and Svaty found their way to the lands between the two great forests of the Gap. It was there where Neznik settled down with Svaty a little while, and practiced what his Elven friend taught him about parenting. Neznik took a year to take care of Svaty, and by the time age of 3, Svaty was starting to walk on his own without falling. Soon after Neznik heard around the villages they were staying at that an outcast Rakshasa was tormenting the lands on the outskirts of Barvost. Neznik researched these creatures for a year or so, gathering information from every village in the area about them. Neznik learned that Rakshasa's were bipedal cat-like creatures that enslaved and altered life to serve them. They are all powerful sorcerers and each one controls a small army. They usually don't wear armor though, but the stronger ones can shapeshift. Neznik decided that killing this outcast would be near impossible alone, so he decided to gather people that were willing to take on this Rakshasa. 

    After Neznik gathered everyone and nailed down where exactly this Rakshasa could be, he got everyone together to face it, meanwhile Svaty was taken care of by an Elf yet again. This time though, Svaty had kids his own age to play with, half-elfs in fact. By the time Neznik and everyone got back, with casualties of course, Svaty was already almost 5 years old. It'd be nearly a year later, right before Svaty would turn six, where they'd leave the area.

    At the age of 6, Svaty was nearly killed by giant spiders from the outskirts of Barvost, a dark forest that was tainted by magics from battles that have come and gone. Luckily Svaty was saved by his father before the poison could kill him, after which they rested for an entire week under the care of a half-elf and an elf.  Ever since then, Svaty has been afraid of giant spiders, but enjoys killing the smaller kin. They recognized Neznik's name and were willing to help without strings attached.

    At the age of 8, Svaty's father taught him how to hold his own in battle, teaching him the basics of hand to hand combat, and teaching him to never be afraid of using his body as a weapon when needed. Svaty was taught how to grapple people properly, and to always bend with the knees; he picked up this training alot faster than any other. Finally he was taught how to fight with one handed weapons and a crossbow, but he struggled plenty on the crossbow. The one handed weapons training was successful, but he showed no remarkable progress; which is strange considering is hand to hand prowess.

    At the age of 10, Svaty was taught the history of the dwarves and learned how to speak Dwarven fluently. This was to make sure that any dwarf he met would know he was not just some half-breed, but also a powerful and well versed dwarf. It was around this same time that his father taught him crafting and how to find a good meal in the wild, as well as cook it. This was also around the same time that Svaty was attacked in his sleep, by what he doesn't know, all he knows is that his father saved him yet again. Ever since then, Svaty has slept with a weapon in hand and armor if possible, no matter how uncomfortable it was.

    At the age of 11, his father decided to make a name for himself by searching for the three true dragons left in the world. For almost an entire year, Svaty and his father looked for clues, listened to and read stories that involved these dragons. Along the way, Svaty began to study religions and asked his father about them. His father tried avoiding the subject, which lead to Svaty becoming interested in them by himself. He found one religion that he felt was a way to live by, one centered around the God Olidammara. By the time he was 12 Svaty became a cleric in training, all while keeping it hidden from his father. At the age of 13, while Svaty and his father were walking through the Gap to the Deadlands, they came across a village of half-dwarves. Both Svaty and his father were quite surprised, and chose to stay a day to rest and to examine the town further.

    It was a small town called Aged Terrace Town. It was in the middle of a savannah and low on supplies generally, it's amazing that the people decided to settle down on such an old road. Svaty decided to meet all the people there, make friends with some, while his father decided to see how much of the dwarven lifestyle they adopted. Svaty found a fellow Olidammara cleric, one much more experienced and decided to learn from her a bit more. Once it was time to leave, Svaty was torn between the two things he loved so dearly. Svaty came out to his father, telling him that he has been following Olidammara for quite some time, and asked if it was alright to stay a couple more days. His father, not very happy about it, decided to stay for a few more days. Once a week passed, and it was time to leave once again, his father gave him a choice.  

  He said "Son, you have grown into a strong man, and I want you to start making your own decisions now. I will not be staying here, but you may choose otherwise. These are your kin here, I understand your connection with this place; I won't hold it against you."

    Svaty didn't know what to say, he didn't want to let his father leave, but at the same time he felt that he has finally found a home to settle down in. "I think this stone was meant to rest in a warm light, I hope you can do the same too; father. This place is where I belong, I think, but I hope you do well in your search." Svaty told his father before parting. To this day, Svaty has not seen his father again, and believes he might have bitten more than he can chew.

    Now, over the course of 12 years, Svaty helped the village in more ways than one. He stayed with the woman who taught him the ways of Olidammara in more detail, even to the point of having an intimate relationship. They decided against becoming married though, and tried to keep their relationship more or less platonic; although they failed sometimes. Svaty learned how to make water for the well in the center of town, and tried to help with whatever was needed. Whether it was finding firewood at times, or hunting for game, Svaty was always more than happy to support the half-dwarf village. That was until humans came to live in town, supposedly the parents of a couple that lived there. Svaty and a couple other half-dwarves did not look kindly to the new visitors. This lead to petty pranks, led by Svaty, against the humans. His partner thought it immature however, and he tried to be more discreet with it. That was until the rag-tag team of racist half-dwarves decided to burn one of their houses down without Svaty's consent.

    Ever since then, Svaty tried to only show displeasure towards humans, choosing to not condone racism any further than that. For the most part he holds true to these ideals, and at the end of the 12 years of living in the village he decides to join a group that contained more humans than any other race. They said they were heading south, into the Gap and would appreciate the help. Svaty was more than happy to help them, and made quick friends with the half-elf of the group. The feeling he got from another adventure was so satisfying, it was like being close to his father again.
DnD Character Bio: Svaty Kamen
This is my character for a current D&D session with my friends, it's a Cleric that can pick up a 300+ pound zombie and break it's back. He's a Half-Dwarf that is racist against humans and is afraid of giant spiders. We have dubbed him the Cena Dwarf. He's more like an awkward mix between a Fighter and a Cleric, as he uses his strength more to overpower enemies with grapples rather than staying in the back healing everyone.

Edit: Added more to the opening paragraph and I shared more of what happened before the age of 6. Polishing will continue so stay tuned.

Edit 2: Added more involving ages 2 through 6, and polishing even further.

Edit 3: Made it connect better with Arradeth Crocus, seeing how she is the mystery Elf that took care of Svaty for the first year and met with Neznik in the second year.

Also, as another big thing to update, my Game Master posted the map for reference if you want to cross check what exactly Neznik did while traveling with Svaty. Just click… for the map.

Tagged by :iconmirageenigma:


1. A Virus has spread around the world, making the dead rise from their graves. Use to choose your team. Good Luck
2. Use to randomize 13 of your friends for this meme. Make sure to include yourself as well. 
3. All people used are tagged and should make their own list. 
4. Enjoy!


1. Sidekick: AstralMareets
*Don't know what to say about this, let's do it buddy

2. Sniper: Danny (Childhood Buddy)
*Pfft, you have no idea how fitting this is

3. The one who loses it: Padmelov 
*Haha, sorry XD

4. The Brain: Eddie (Best Friend)
*Not much of a brain

5. The Leader: Danzilla1996
*Be our Game Master 

6. The Medic: CarcinoWolf
*Oh god 

7. The One who yells vulgarities at the Zombies: MirageEnigma 
*Easily the most quiet one here, wtf?

8. Weapons Expert: Frank (My Brother)
*He...we don't know guns

9. The Person who can't have the Molotov: Adr16n1122
*Get that out of your fucking hands 

10. The Car Guy: Me
*LOL, I don't drive -u-

11. The Cheer Leader: Tony (College Guy)
*Tony got us covered Dan

12. Everything bad happens to this one but they survive it all: aaapi
*I can see that 

     13. The Idiot who somehow manages to stay alive: Ronjah-Sarran 
*Well, the first time the black man lives through it all

I didn't have all these people on DA so I just filled them in.
Also I realize most people "Tagged" have already done this, or been tagged, so I this is more or less for the extra bit of what you'd be in my version.


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