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Pfft, remember that supposed come back, haha, cause I didn't for the last month or so. Anyways, I am working slowly but surely building even more back story for SYSTEM and my Dungeon of Sins idea. My progress will be meager though, and I won't start any projects any time, at all. So this is going to be one massive waiting game if anyone even follows this damned profile anymore. Might come out with a poem about time or something, or maybe just life as a whole. I don't know, haven't been feeling very poetic lately, just need some inspiration. Inspiration is very hard to get when you have absolutely no way to get it. Funny, because for the last 2 years or so I have had inspiration over the course of this journey on DA, but no motivation. Now I feel the opposite is true. I am so motivated for college, ready to get programming and making video games and fulfill my life long dream, I've even started figuring out pokemon codes and functions. Reason for pokemon being my experimental grounds is because it is simple programming, it just has a shit ton of simple programming that is connected in a complicated way. Bunch of "If" codes and switches, which I already know how to do. Just soooo much coding is involved, like at least 150 lines just for natures. It's absurd, but I'd feel amazing if I can duplicate the system.
Well that is enough rambling on that, sure nobody cares about such petty things anyways. I could just talk about how much I love school right now, like my research paper due in a couple months, or even the progress I've made for my nature coding, but I don't feel like anyone would want to read a massive wall of text. I know I wouldn't, if anyone else did this. Maybe pity someone who does this every now and again, get a view in just to make them think someone is listening. Meh, whatever.

I suppose all you guys need to know is that I will read messages and stuff more frequently now that I have a functioning computer again, and don't have to share one anymore. I might (huge might btw) post one of my poems I scribbled over the course of a week on here, if I like it enough. Other than that, no new updates will hit. Maybe a short story if I feel up to it, or a small nodding fan fiction to Destiny? Wonder how many of those there are now...probably a shit ton. Anyways, we will see what happens, depending on how I feel I might just post something, and then delete it if nobody likes it. XD
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Aaron Trujillo
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am more of a literature person, but every now again I will make some sort of drawing (And won't post it). I am also a decent poet...imagine that. I am currently working on my S.Y.S.T.E.M. idea right now. I will work on other projects later, but will not work on much otherwise. As for the Profile Picture, I wear a hood too much...enough said.

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